My first little Riso project

NN_insert_risoprintFor the upcoming Neugeborene Nachtmusik album the inserts were planned to be just printed by a copy machine… but as I am doing more and more with older printing techniques and enjoying that a lot I changed this at the last minute…

When at Kapitaal where I print a lot of the artwork pieces  now the printing chief  thought it would be nice to use the Riso (or Risograph) machine for these inserts…

A Riso machine is a bit like a lo-tech contemporary copy machine with a technique based on silk screen printing… so in a way it is like automated silk screen printing…

The end result thus also has a silk screen printing touch but you can see it is done in a different way… it look also a bit like what came out of a stencil machine… it looks quite raw… or like DDR propaganda prints… sort of…

This time I just did one colour but you can do several colours… in layers just like with silk screen printing… you need to change the colour cartridge in that case and  feed the paper to print on again to the machine… there is a project coming up for a 7″ single where I will do a multi colour Riso print for…  but it was nice to have a first go with the machine for an easy one colour project…

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