Roberto Auser – Faceless Future EP

Somewhere early January Roberto Auser and I went by car to Rotterdam…during the way back he played me some demo’s he had been working on… afterwards he sent me all the tracks to listen to again… from my initial idea of doing a 7″ release it went to three 7″s to a 12″ EP… and the last one is now at the pressing plant…

This EP is entitled “Faceless Future” and contains 6 tracks with pure analogue old school minimal electronics… from rhythm based elektro tracks for the dancefloor to more experimental soundscapes…

The record pays tribute to pioneers of industrial music and early experimental elektro such as early Cabaret Voltaire and Front 242 but also to the more modern new wave of minimal electronics as re-invented by Le Syndicat Electronique…

“Faceless Future” is expected before summer and comes in a silk screened sleeve… of course printed by myself and Roberto Auser himself at Kapitaal in Utrecht… you can pre-order it here…

To kill the time until the release I uploaded a video of one track and a full track preview of another one… both are here below… enjoy!


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