Lend Me Your Underbelly

lendmeyourunderbellySince some years a part of my focus for Enfant Terrible is on contemporary Dutch music… the true starting point of this was of course the “Kamp Holland” 2LP compilation… and ever since then I am on the look out for more interesting new stuff from my own country which also fits my musical taste and styles for ET…

Recently I came across Lend Me Your Underbelly… a project from Utrecht… the city I started Enfant Terrible and I lived for a long time… Lend Me Your Underbelly is a true DIY project… releasing his own music on his own label Epigenetic Records… a second album is on its way but for now there is a 7″ and a 2LP… both dating from 2013…

The 2LP “Giant Tadpoles Among Us” is a must have for fans of lo-fi psychedelic pop music… if you like stuff from Fonal, Morc and Vrystaete this is for you… the music is mostly based on guitar tunes added with electronics… in a way the recordings sound like rehearsal recordings… but I mean this in a positive way… the intimate sound and feeling of these recordings make up for a super nice listening experience…

And for the locals… Lend Me Your Underbelly will perform live at Radio Resistencia on  the 17th of May… for now you can order the album here… and here is my absolute favourite piece form the album…


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