Radio Resistencia with live Diamantener Oberhof

DO_junophotoDespite the fact that Our Voice for the radio show Andy Dufter always calls our show very special I am confident to say that next time we have a truly special show…

On sunday 19th of April German avant-garde neo-folk duo Diamantener Oberhof will be performing live… for various reasons this will be a special afternoon… first of all this will be the very first live performance by this duo, secondly the artwork which comes with their debut LP (released on Vrystaete) was printed in the very same room they will perform live, and last but not least their music is quite special with it superb mix of subtle electronics and acoustic instrument touches… most prominent accordion melodies…

Here is what some reviews said about the debut LP:

“The work of German artists Brannten Schnüre and Johannes Schebler, who is behind the Baldruin project, Diamantener Oberhof is a reflective, at times introspective work that provides the soundtrack to a world of their own making. … detuned fairground carousel music, mixed with discordant Middle Eastern drones.” (Juno Plus, UK)

“… pure, organic and avant-gardistic and at times soundtrack like. Not music which displays conformity in content nor structure.” (Dark Entries, Belgium)

“Diamantener Oberhof’s self titled release is an assortment of peculiar nowadays folk tracks gathered at the boundary between analog and digital harmony. … This delicate album inclines to get close to unexplored nature through playful wizardry and innocent rituals which are to be followed fearlessly for imagination can’t do no harm.” (The Attic, Romania)

“Self-forgetfulness and sleepy, it indulges into daydreams. … <this LP is> a strictly limited number of tickets into an expressionistic, surreal world of sound, which on the one hand borrows from the Finnish freak-folk, and on the other hand it recalls  the music of bands as the French Vox Populi.” (Skug, Austria)

As always Radio Resistencia is at Kapitaal in Utrecht, entrance is free and we start at 15.00 hour and finish at 18.00 hour…

And here is a piece by Diamantener Oberhof to get in the mood…

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