New website and blog

A new Enfant Terrible website is online… the Revolutions per day blog is now part of the ET homepage… just as the Gooiland Elektro and Vrystaete websites are… so now all is in one place… meaning this blog is continued here…



In Disarray

In Disarray is a blog/podcast platform which describes themselves as “a loose knit group of individuals with a love of noise, jakbeat, EBM, mentasm techno, new wave, post punk, dark disco, acid, drexciyan electro, classic jungle, 80s electronica, unconventional club music…”

Reading this description it might be no surprise I liked a lot do to mixtape for them… this dj set is now online and it features all unreleased stuff from the ET archive… ranging from 2003 to 2015… from minimal synth to more experimental electronic soundscapes… and some of this will be released after all… but not much of it… enjoy!