Demo tape

Artifecal_demoMost demo’s today are send as mp3 files or are links to a private Soundcloud page… and when I started with ET I received demo’s on cd-r… but in the old days demo’s were submitted on tape… and guess what… I received a real demo tape recently…

I do not accept demo’s in general but this demo is from a musician I already work with… maybe you remember the 7″ by Artifecal released in 2011 on the now defunct Hex sublabel… so the musician behind this project sent me this tape (60 minutes long I believe) filled with demo recordings from various of his projects… and a lot of the stuff is really great… non-typical minimal synth, post-punk and new wave sounds which will appeal to all who really like the obscure side of these styles…

These are real demo’s meaning not final recordings… often without vocals still… so I am curious to get the final versions… as I am quite sure a nice record could be moulded out of these demo tracks!

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