Future Classic… ?

gooiland_boxedIn December 2013 I released the second Gooiland Elektro compilation entitled “Club Funny Horse”… this compilation features Cute Heels, Drug Culture, Ekman and Marburg (now active as part of FOQL and Osty)… a compilation built around some hard hitting dark techno stuff deeply rooted in EBM and New Beat…

Like many ET records this record went quite slowly in the beginning… but the demand continued on the same level… and it is only quiet recently the demand for this one is growing and growing… I have the feeling most people only value this release now… which happens to more of the ET release… they prove (more) relevant over some time… or maybe they are a bit ahead of their time mostly…

So last week I opened the last box and I am shipping some copies now… and some more are ordered to be shipped with the upcoming new releases… so get it quick (as somebody commented on this release on Discogs)…

By the way… the new upcoming Gooiland Elektro compilation “Noblesse Oblige” takes off where “Club Funny Horse” ended… and moves onwards…

Here is the Cute Heels track from “Club Funny Horse”…

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