Onont Kombar @ Radio Resistencia

RR_logoThis Thursday (24th of March) there is new Radio Resistencia / Enfant Terrible at Kapitaal mini-event / radio session… live performing will be Onont Kombar… this will be the first live show ever by this Dutch artist…

Onont Kombar is playing around with noisy synth sounds and rough rhythms… sort of minimal synth but harsher…and quite dark too… out soon will be his debut as a split LP with Enfant Terrible family member Neugeborene Nachtmusik… on a new label called Ordo Viatorum… which is run by those two musicians themselves…

Below is a video of one of the Onont Kombar tracks from this record… this video was done by Dutch visual artist Anouk van der Wegen

The radio session starts at 20.00 hour and ends at 23.00 hour … the entrance is free and the drinks are cheap and nice… for directions see the Kapitaal website


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