Printed matters

This weekend I have been printing the art prints for the upcoming Neurobit record on Vrystaete and the sleeves for the new Gooiland Elektro compilation… both records are expected late March…

The art prints for the Neurobit record are designed by Sasj and are geometric patterns… originally the design was intended to have 3 layers but in the end I decided to only go for 2 layers… less is more and as the third layer was a big square with patterns in it this would have been quite hard to do with silk screen printing…

The design is printed in three color variations… so 50 prints of each variation… see above… when (pre)ordering the record you can state your wish for a specific color combination…

As always these prints where done at the printing facilities of Kapitaal in Utrecht…

A post with photos of the Gooiland Elekro sleeves will follow in the next days…


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