Perfect vs. imperfect


Even though I go for perfection this does not mean my idea of perfection is the same as for all people… since a very long time I cherish the imperfect… something flawless is often without a soul to me… a little imperfection is what makes a record perfect from my point of view… so somethings can be perfectly imperfect…

Recently I incorporated two imperfections  for the upcoming Gooiland Elektro compilation “Noblesse Oblige”… first thing was a little glitch in one track… this track was recorded in one take as a jam… so the energy in it is pure and raw… so not to be copied in a new recording session… for this reason I decided to include this version of the track…

Next to that I was working on a stamp for the insert which comes with this record… not a handmade like the Vrystaete stuff but designed on a computer… when the design was sent to the company which I asked to produce the stamp I got a message it was not possible to make a stamp out of the design… it was not clear enough and would become a bit blurry they said… what they meant was that is was not clear like the other designs they get and they did not know what this would mean for the final product… I just told them to continue and I would pay whatever the end result would be… so they did… and when I got the stamp I was just very happy with it… being a bit imperfect as it is…

Some people simply do not understand the charm and (aesthetic) value of things being just not perfect… and some others are uncertain of taking  a little risk with small imperfections in the production process… for me imperfection is what sets something apart from other things… it is what makes a record daring and edgy… and it is simply fun to not know exactly what will be the end result until you hold it in your hands… just perfect!


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