Radio Resistencia with live Murw

RR_logoThis Thursday (25th of February) a new Radio Resistencia session wil take place at Kapitaal Utrecht… live on stage we have Murw from Utrecht… he was present on the Kamp Holland compilation I released some years ago… around that time he also performed live for Radio Resistencia… back then quite a noisy improvisation site with live electronics…

This time most likely the live set will be more dance music orientated… this is a new direction for Murw… he is experimenting with live techno… still improvised at some points… and also still present is the musicians’ interest in lo-fi electronic sounds… so some chip tune sounds and elements will be present… but also some more pounding techno tunes…

We start around 20.00 hours CET and end around 23.00 CET… entrance is free… as always… I will spin some records and so will dj Alacidus…

Here is a bit of Murw live at the Gransnapolsky Festival from a few weeks ago…

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