Vrystaete update

Vry05_V1Next to the already announced Gooiland Elektro compilation and the Neugeborene Nachtmusik 7 inch a new Vrystaete release is in production…

This 5th release on Vrystaete is by Neurobit… a name not unknown to people who follow ET activities… Neurobit has been present on ET ever since the “Kamp Holland” compilation LP… the same musician also operates under the alias of Former Descent… also know from various appearances on ET…

Anyway Neurobit is back… while his previous Petit Enfant 7 inch was rather electronic orientated minimal music… a bit reminiscent of Terry Riley in a way… sort of chip tune drones… this new record is much more organic sounding… tranquil and relaxed ambient/drone sort of music… invoking temple and rainforest like atmospheres… and more Philip Glass and Steve Reich like as Riley… to stick to references in the minimal music world…

The record is expected at the end of March and will come with a nice art print…

Here is a full track preview…


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