Enfant Terrible releases update

petitNN_cvrExpected at the end of March are some new releases… one from Vrystaete (more on this soon) and two on Enfant Terrible… and more specific one in the Gooiland Elektro and one in Petit Enfant series…

After the album from last year Neugeborene Nachtmusik is back with a sweet little 7 inch release with two minimal synth pieces… dancefloor friendly but with a twist… different as you might know Neugeborene Nachtmusik but also very much part of his identity…

Here is one track from the 7 inch…

ET044Next to that there will be a new Gooiland Elektro compilation… in a way this one takes off where we left you with the “Club Funny Horse” compilation… but it is also very much in line with the Gooiland Elektro MKII focus… so expect EBM, dark techno and industrial acid inspired tracks… this full length compilation album features infamous co-conspirators from around the globe: LCN (aka Le Chocolat Noir), Monocorpse, Profligate, Osty (FOQL/Marburg project), Neugeborene Nachtmusik and Future Blondes…

This is the full Monocorpse track…

Updates/news will follow when the time is there…


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