new sounds from the last few months: Brannten Schnüre and Diverting Duo

divertingduo_cvrTwo releases I enjoyed a lot these last weeks are the debut LP by Diverting Duo and the debut vinyl release by Brannten Schnüre .

“Desire” by Diverting Duo was released in October on Etch Wear… the Norwegian label run by one of the Europ Europ members… Diverting Duo themselves are from Italy and are indeed a duo… music wise their sound is a mix of synthpop and shoegaze… rather melanchcholy and soothing… and for sure the band is inspired by Julee Cruise… not only vocally… a really nice and even sweet record…

branntenschnure_cvrThe other record which really caught my intention is the first vinyl release by German Brannten Schnüre… who is of course one of the two musicians behind Diamantener Oberhof and who is also known as Agnes Beil… the LP “Sommer Im Pfirschichhain” is at a few point reminiscent of the Diamanter Oberhof LP… as it features the same mix of dreamy electronic soundscapes and touches of folklore music… but most of the pieces are much more like dreamscapes… becoming ritual at some points… even to the point it reminds me a bit of the ambient pieces by The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud…

Here is one of the pieces by Brannten Schnüre…

And here one song from Diverting Duo…


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