Donderdag (Hans de Wolf) at Radio Resistencia

RR_logoNext sunday it is the last Radio Resistencia session for 2015… and a stupid coincidence… performing live is the duo Donderdag… which means Thursday… and  from January onwards the sessions will be on thursday… but still in Kapitaal!

Anyway Donderdag is a project by Hans de Wolf… maybe you remember the tape object I released with him? That went together with an the online presentation of some of his art… if you do not remember it… see here…

Donderdag is weird folk inspired experimental pop music from Utrecht… so definitely something fitting the Radio Resistencia show…

As all sessions this past year we start at 15.00 hour and finish at 18.00 hour… some records are spanned by me of course and dj Hans D.

Here is a piece of Donderdag…

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