Assembly line

petitEurop_assemblingAlways when new records arrive from the pressing plant it takes a few days before I can start to ship records to private orders and shops. This because the records have to be assembled… sometimes it involves more work (more parts) as other times…

Right now I have quite some work to do… the Sololust and Staatseinde sleeves need to be folded… and I do this by hand… one sleeve at the time… after that I need to put them in a plastic outer sleeve and put the vinyl record also in this plastic sleeve.

The Europ Europ is another story… I made 200 small stickers by hand… one for each sleeve… so I also need to put the stickers on the sleeves… also a black inlay card I cut in the right size has to be put in the sleeve and after that the vinyl record and the silk screen printed inlay card also have to put in the plastic outer sleeve… so lots of parts have to be added before I have one ready to send out into the world…

Still… in the end the more work involved in a record the more satisfaction it gives me when I see the end result…

So… I am busy right now to get all records ready so I can start shipping soon…

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