Beyond Horizon

Horizon-flyer16Last friday I played two sets at Horizon… an event organised by Ordo Viatorum… a new label in the making by Neugeborene Nachtmusik and dj Down The Rabbit Hole…

Next to three great live performances by Ian Martin, Bear Bones Lay Low and Neugeborene Nachtmusik there was visual art presented by Anouk van der Wegen… there were photo’s on display next to paintings/mixed media pieces and video art…

I was happy to play some tunes in this context… as the tunes I played worked so well with these art pieces and especially the video art… my second set and the visuals did connect in a strange way… too bad I have no way to show this… or maybe it is better as somethings are just perfect at one specific time and place…

BUT… I have uploaded my second dj set for you to enjoy… here it is…


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