umweltThe French elektro/techno/electronix project Umwelt first caught my attention with his 12″ EP “La Nouvelle Chair” from 2004 on Kommando 6. And I must confess that quite soon after that I quite lost this project out of sight…

A few years ago for one reason or another I came across his music again… but what really got me into it like before was the second split 10″ the musician released on his own Rave Or Die label. Since then I really follow his creative output again…

Recently another split 10″ again on Rave Or Die was released and also a new EP on the other label run by the musician himself called New Flesh… both releases are truly great… the split 10″ has a massive track by Umwelt himself… raw and dirty elektro just as I love it… the other track is by French collective Minimum Syndicat… which are experts in old school techno and rave sounds… and the track on this split 10″ show this in a stunning way…

The piece is dark and dirty and raw with flashbacks to the early days of techno music… think New Beat stuff among that… still the beat is so thick and loud it is very evident a product of our current era… absolute great!

Next to that the Umwelt EP “When Future And Past Collapse” is a showcase of true elektro… again dark and dirty and raw and filled with abstract sounds and dancefloor pieces… often incorporated in the same track… this one is for fans of the old Invasion Planete stuff and Kommando 6 releases… a big tip for true elektro heads…

Here is the Minimum Syndicat track…

And here is one for the Umwelt EP…


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