ET_Vinyl_handjeToday I discovered I already had a Mixcloud page since 3 years… I had totally forgotten about it… the reason I went to the Mixcloud website was obvious… I wanted to start a page there… this to post a monthly dj set… mostly this will be the dj set I do for Radio Resistencia at Intergalactic FM…

This as not everybody is able to tune in when the show is on the air… and not everybody can find the archive… or wants to listen from the archive… and besides that I like my dj sets to be a little more available / “out there”…

The dj sets I do for Radio Resistencia are different every month… I always play what I am listening to at that moment… which differs every month… sometimes every week…

So today I posted the dj set I did for the show which was supposed to be aired last night… but something went wrong and it was never on air in the end… so now it is here… or look below this post to play it right away… it is filled with ambient, experimental soundscape stuff as well as a few more pop things… all in the mix and all played from vinyl of course…

There is another dj set (posted 3 years ago…) at the page which I will probably delete real soon… and the monthly dj sets will also be deleted from time to time to make space for new ones…

You can also play my current set right here below…


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