Petit Enfant series return: Sololust, Europ Europ and Staatseinde

Staatseinde_cvrIt has been has been four years since the last record was released in the Petit Enfant series… the 7 inch series with a focus on all things synth pop… from minimal synth sounds to coldwave and darkwave… and from synth punk to a bit more weird and edgy minimal electronics…

And… to celebrate the return of this series three records are released at the same time… all classic 7 inches on 45 rpm… all three with familiar names from the Enfant Terrible family: Sololust, Europ Europ and Staasteinde.

Sololust returns with a true future classic and instant dancefloor favorite for the specialized dance nights out there… and on the flip side a superb melancholy minimal tune… Europ Europ have never before sounded so rhythmic…but their typical (post)-industrial style is also there of course… resulting in two tracks of weird post-industrial disco… Staatseinde has seen some personnel changes… and only for the better in my opinion… on this record they present their new more electronic sound… Neue Holländische Welle version 2.0…

All artwork will be printed (Risograph and silk screen) at Kapitaal in Utrecht… so these records will be true collector pieces (again)…

Full track previews are available now on the ET sound cloud…

The records are expected at the end of October… and a release party is in the making… and next to that Sololust and Staatseinde will perform live at Radio Resistencia at Kapitaal on sunday 18th of October and Europ Europ on sunday 22nd of November…

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