Baldruin (again)

baldruin_klaueA little while ago I wrote a few words on the Baldruin tape release “Miniaturen”… a wonderful piece of ambient music which I still play a lot… a few days ago the new tape by Baldruin arrived… it is entitled “Klaue”…

While “Miniaturen” and most of the music by Baldruin is quite subtle “Klaue” opens with some rather distorted and noisy music… still short pieces of ambient sounds… and especially the A side of the tape is done in this way…

As said….  like on “Miniaturen” the songs/tracks are short pieces of music… and on the B side the music is less noisy and returns more to subtle electronic music and playful tracks dominating the listening experience… the style more typical for Baldruin…

But… do not get me wrong… the more noisy pieces are equally good and interesting as they show a different side of Baldruin…

And… another side of this project is evident on the also recently released split 3″ cd with Micromelancolié… on this cd Baldruin is present with three cover songs… all done in a truly original way… adventurous, playful and done with a funny twist… worthwhile to check out for sure!

Here is one piece from the “Klaue” release…


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