Gooiland Elektro at the museum

fkk_coverRunning until the end of October there is an exhibition about selfies at Brandts in Odense, Denmark. This exhibition was curated by Lars Schwander a Danish photographer who in the past worked with The Fall and Moral for example… but who also photographed Björk back in the 1980’s… and who also collaborates with Yoko Ono… just to mention a few thing from his oeuvre…

For this exhibition he selected the photography by Hester Scheurwater used for the “Freikörperkultur” compilation on Gooiland Elektro. Both the original LP cover as a selfie of Hester Scheurwater holding the record (thus holding a photo of herself) are part of the exhibition…

The exhibition extends the topic of the selfie into a broader context of the self portrait… from modern art of the likes of Andy Warhol to cell phone selfies by mainstream pop artists like Lady Gaga…

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