Radio Resistencia with live Ian Martin

RR_logoThis sunday (21st of June 2015) a new Radio Resistencia session is taking place… as always we record the show live at Kapitaal Utrecht in Utrecht… and it will be narrowcasted on monday 6th of July at Intergalactic FM (IFM1)…

Live performing will be Ian Martin… of course know from his releases on Bunker and Panzerkreuz… and of being part of Kaval. Some of his music is rather ambient orientated… spacey synth stuff… but at other times he serves some raw beats… we expect the beats this time…

Playing some tunes from vinyl before and after the live session of Ian Martin will be me (dj M.) and Andy Dufter (Staatseinde / Lesbian Mouseclicks)…

The recording session is open to a small audience and you can get some drinks for cheap prices… entrance is free… so all in all quite a good way to spend your lazy sunday afternoon… we start at 15.00 hour and end at 18.00 hour…

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