A week in images

Several things went on the past few days… so here is a short update on all of

Last sunday Diamantener Oberhof performed live at Radio Resistencia… it was the first ever concert by this German Dada folklore duo… the session will be narrowcasted on Intergalactic FM on IFM1 on Monday 4th of May from 22.00 CET onwards… here is picture of their performance… DO_live_Kapitaal_april2015

Next to that the albums by Neugeborene Nachtmusik and Tobias Bernstrup were released… I am still in the middle of shipping them around… but they are starting to arrive at shops and private orders already… here is teaser/promo video for the release…

Embers did get great feedback on their mini album but had some personnel changes which prevented them to perform live the last couple of months… but they are back! They have two different live line-up’s now… one as a duo with the electronic sound as on the record and one with an additional live drummer and an acoustic oriented sound…. they did a try-out concert with this new line-up at my favourite Belgium record shop Wool-E-shop… see here and listen here how this looks and sounds…

And… even though the new records still have to shipped partly I am already busy with getting the next records to the pressing plant… one of these will be a 12″ by Dutch dark/occult techno project Monocorpse… here is a video of one of the tracks featured on this 12″…

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