Everyday is Record Store Day

NN_special_finishedIt might be no surprise I am against Record Store Day… this as I see it only as another exponent of the vinyl hype… and it is just another example of the (cultural and economical) decay of our world… with this I mean that everything in our world gets commercialised and this takes away meaning, value and relevance of the product or activity that gets this commercial treatment… and as I love vinyl records and specialised and independent and local record stores so much it matters a lot to me…

So do not get me wrong… I am a big supporter of records stores and of music and vinyl culture… but Record Store Day is not about that… it is about making money… selling people so called limited editions or special releases for way too much money… and in the process it harms independent music culture by claiming all man and machine power of vinyl pressing plants around the world… so this is nothing more as old industry ways or working and doing… and a globalisation format as well…

To me a special and limited edition is something really special… not something available in 1000 copies which must be sold that one specific day… so for the Neugeborene Nachtmusik LP I did this special edition of 20 copies which is not for sale, not today, never…

7 thoughts on “Everyday is Record Store Day”

  1. Hello! It is probably different out there in NL, your music scene is so much bigger then our polish (well … it was not possible to build it under soviet shoe in the way you did out there guys) but here – it is not about money. Not at all. Still about music I think. One thing that kept me thinking lately is that… I ve got impression that very often novadays label itself is more important than artists “signed” … or maybe it’s just my impression that musician are on the second plan ;))) label itself does everything in terms of “quality” or not … maybe its normal? Dunno …


    1. I can understand it might be different there… but still record store day is money driven event… and a global format… it is very much like McDonalds so to speak… I like to exaggerate here…

      About labels vs artists… it is not that black and white I think… a label needs musicians for content but an artists can reach more audience as there is group of people who follow labels as some labels are known for releasing a certain kind of music for example… so it is not one if more important as the other but a label needs to establish itself so it recognisable for a specific group of people/collectors/music lovers…


  2. For me its the same problem like with art curators 🙂 but maybe its becauseJ I’ve got major problem with institutions :DD but thats not the topic hehe.
    cheers !


    1. welll… in the art world (but also the music world) there are some people with ego’s bigger as themselves… so these people think they are more important as the art and artists they work for…


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