Lazy sundays?

goodcop_rr_2015Since January our Radio Resistencia show is recorded in Utrecht at Kapitaal and it also has become a free mini event… it is an afternoon radio session with dj’ed music and almost always a live performance… there are cheap drinks and a relax setting… perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon…

Last sunday Good Cop / Naughty Cop did their performance with bicycle, guitar and electronics… not easy listening but very interesting to listen to and watch… the photo above was taken by Hans D. during the performance…

Next mini event is on sunday 19th of April with Diamantener Oberhof from Germany… their debut was released of course on Vrystaete recently and the artwork was printed at Kapitaal… so this will be sort of delayed release party…

NN_printsAlso during these sessions I often print some artwork for upcoming releases… last sunday I printed (silk screen printing) the artwork for the ultra limited edition of the Neugeborene Nachtmusik LP… which is not for sale… sorry… but I promise that the regular version is equally nice when it comes to artwork and it is also still very limited…

This LP is expected soon… here is (another) full track preview…

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