Lost Highway

losthighwayOne of my all time favourite soundtracks is the one for ‘Lost Highway’. This as it is both as soundtrack and as a record just perfect. The soundtrack has a true narrative on its own which does not need any images… and for the film it enriches the experience in an incredible way…

The mix between songs and more traditional soundtrack pieces really works well… despite the variety of music ranging from industrial to pop to cool jazz and metal it is a very cohesive record which takes you on a dark and moody trip… and there are some amazing tracks on it… like the one by Smashing Pumpkins and “Apple Of Sodom” is by far the best thing Marilyn Manson ever did…

For the ‘Exploitation’ soundtrack for the Edwin Brienen film with the same title I produced I was heavily influenced and inspired by the ‘Lost Highway’ soundtrack… the decision to use more song based tracks mixed with more abstract pieces for example was based on listened a lot to the soundtrack for the David Lynch film… and also the use a variety of styles and genres I used as it worked so well on this famous soundtrack…

So in the end I created a second favourite soundtrack for myself by realising the ‘Exploitation’ soundtrack… let’s see if my production will become such a collector piece as ‘Lost Highway’ is on vinyl…

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