sieben_spark_cvrI did not listen to my old Sieben cd’s for a long time when I decided to order his latest album… first I wanted to order the older ones which are now re-released on vinyl for the first time but in the end I got hold on a copy of “Each Divine Spark” released last year…

Since it got here it has been making quite some rounds on the turntable… even though the music is recognisable instantly as being that of Matt Howden the songs and this complete album is so strong it is not at all a disappointment… apparently Sieben has lost nothing of its creativity and flair…

This flair is best evident in the live performances… Matt Howden is alone on stage with his violin and pedals to loop pieces he plays… each track is built layer on layer with rhythms, melodies and vocals… this results in maybe a typical song structure but still this way of working does not make you end up with the same kind of songs over and over… as evident on “Each Divine Spark” album for example…

Here is one track from this simply amazing album…

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