Roberto Auser

ausland_logoThis week I had a meeting with Roberto Auser (who is also in Kaval)… this as he will be doing the design and styling of Enfant Terrible records together with me from now on… first thing we are working on is the new design for Gooiland Elektro… so starting with Gooiland 20 (coming before summer) the Gooiland records will have a new look and feel…

Anyway he gave me the third release on his own Ausland Records… the final part of the trilogy by Roberto Auser… which is truly an impressive body of work…

The three 12″ EP’s take you by the hand and leads you through different places in the world of Ausland… it starts with a trip to a weird tropical place with “Future Exotica”… jungle sounds and synth sounds go hand in hand in a soundtrack for a trippy sci-fi film about a future past?

After this “Darkness Walks” mixes electronics with some jazzy influences to fit a film noir context for sure… the jazzy part is even more articulated in the new and last EP entitled “The New Dimension”…  about of Dale Cooper Quartet can be found here but also more weird psychedelic touches are there… feeling like you are transported back to a wild 60’s party…

Intended as a trilogy and ending with a record called “The New Dimension” one can only guess what will be next…

Here is one piece from the “Future Exotica” release…


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