Radio Resistencia live with Diskette Deluxe

diskettedeluxeThis sunday the 15th of February there is a new edition of Radio Resistencia live with Diskette Deluxe as special guest… he will be doing a live set and I myself dj Andy Dufter (from Lesbian Mouseclicks and Staatseinde) will be spinning some records… either fitting with the 8 bit inspired live set of Diskette Deluxe or not…

Diskette Deluxe is a project by Rutger Muller… maybe better known under his DS-10 Dominator alias and more recently for his Von Nohrfeldt Ensemble

This mini event will take place at Kapitaal Utrecht and starts at 15.00 hour (CIT/CET) and lasts until 18.00 hour… the narrowcast will be on monday the 2nd of March on Intergalactic FM, IFM1, 21.00 hour…

Here a nice little preview of Diskette Deluxe…


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