Diamantener Oberhof

DO_finishedThis weekend I printed the art prints for the Diamantener Oberhof release coming soon on Vrystaete. I could not have done this without the help of printing chief Ramon from Kapitaal as it turned out to be quite a difficult job…

The print coming with Diamantener Oberhof is a three color silk screen print… meaning it has three layers to print on top of each other… we printed first the red tongue, after that the yellow mask and then the black background which also gives shape to the face and the symbols beside the mask (see the photo)… it is nice to see the image taking shape with every step you take…

So the prints are finished now and I am more then satisfied with the end result… now it is time to wait for the vinyls to arrive so I can finish these with putting stamp prints on the labels… and then they are ready to leave the ET/Vrystaete HQ… I guess in about two to three weeks from now…

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