anneliesmonsereSome years ago I came across the music of Annelies Monseré due to a collaboration she did with In Gowan Ring/Birchbook… although it was on  my want list since then I never bought a record of her until recently… not sure why now but most likely as I am listening to quite some tranquil and folklore inspired tunes lately…

I ordered her 10″ vinyl EP entitled “Nest” directly from the label… being Morc Records from Belgium… a label specialised in small limited edition vinyls, tapes and cd’s… only vinyls lately… the sounds they put out are mostly drones, ambient and folklore inspired stuff… or all of that in the mix…

Label boss Wim Lecluyse is a musician himself too and releases under the alias of Circle Bros… his album “Haven” is really something to check out if you are into ambient and drone like music with a lo-fi touch… next to electronics he puts in some guitars and vague vocals… resulting in soundscapes to dream away on for sure…

With 70 releases up to now there is lots of music to discover for fans of this kind of stuff… if you are not familiar at all here is one track of Annelies Monseré to start out with… sort of Nico inspired in one way or another this one…

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