Gonzo (circus)

Gonzo-circus-logoOut this week is a new issue of Gonzo (circus)… a quality paper magazine in the Dutch language on music and art… maybe a bit like what The Wire is for English speaking people, Gonzo is for the Dutch speaking people…

The magazine is partly Dutch and partly Belgium and covers a wide range of music and art styles often neglected by other media channels… and from time to time they also publish articles about media culture, the state of the arts and so on… discussing our cultural state of being in general so to speak…

With every issue there is also a free cd called “Mind The Gap” with music featured in the magazine and/or music recently released… and all of this is done by people who do this on a voluntary basis…  since 1991… do I need to say more?!

The new issue features among other a very interesting article on Suzanne Ciani and her modular synth music… really worth checking out if you can read Dutch… and the “Mind The Gap” cd features this time an Embers and an Kit n C.l.a.w.s. track from the recently released vinyls on Enfant Terrible and Gooiland Elektro…

But there is much more to discover in the 100 pages of the magazine the 11 tracks on the cd…

Oh… and I hope I do not need to explain where the name of the magazine comes from… but if you do not know please do a little search on the internet and there is even more to discover for you…

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