Goo morning

SonicYouth_GooEvery morning before going to my job I have about time for one side of a record… often resulting that I play side A from a certain record one morning and the the next morning I continue with the B side… anyway last year the most played record in the morning was Sonic Youth’s “Goo”… an album from 1990 I totally rediscovered last year…

In the past I listened to a lot of Sonic Youth… then for some years a lot less and since two years or so I play their music again quite often… in the past I liked “Confusion Is Sex”, “Sister” and “Dirty” the best… “Goo” never really was among my favorites… maybe as it is a sort of in-between record… in a way it combines the sound of “Daydream Nation”… dreamlike sequences bordering melancholy melodies and noise eruptions… and on the other hand the song based tracks like on “Dirty”… or maybe this is all nonsense as the band has on many album (including “Dirty”) played around with noise, song structures and melodic movements…

“Goo” anyway made a lot of sense to me last year and I played it so many mornings… sometimes the A side and sometimes the B side… but mostly the A side…  And… you need to love the cover… also if you do not like Pop art… Also this record is a good starting point of picking up my renewed interest in Sonic Youth… I stopped following them after “Experimental Jet-Set, Trash And No Star “… so let’s see what is there to explore…

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